About Us

Enlightened Schools is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide professional development on gender and gender equity for educators.

Research shows that implicit bias exists in even the most loving classrooms. It can be found in content, personal interactions, and classroom design. And, its message is a powerful one.

Enlightened Schools provides a 3-unit series of courses on gender equity. Educators will be provided with the research and tools needed to assess the gendered culture of their classrooms and schools. They will be supported in creating a robust gender equity plan for themselves and their students.

Enlightened Schools was developed by Dorothy Venditto, former public school educator and author of Gender Equity in Elementary Schools. Ms. Venditto is a national board certified teacher for middle childhood and has taught in grades K-6. She holds advanced certificates in educational leadership from Harvard and an advanced certificate in gender studies from SUNY. Ms. Venditto was presented with the Empire State Teacher of Excellence Award and TELL Innovation Award for her work on gender equity and bringing innovative practices into the classroom.

Contact: Dorothy@Enlightenedschools.com

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