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Three professional development units of study are available. All units can be facilitated online or in-person. Unit One introduces gender and gender equity and provides research on the gendered brain, bias and intersectionality. Participants will also have the opportunity to consider educational theories through a gendered lens. They will be encouraged to reflect on their own practices through assignments and activities.  Units Two and Three focus on gender equity assessments and creating sustainable action plans to ensure gender healthy school environments. Scroll down to read about all topics covered. A preview of unit one is now available for those who register.

What you will learn during the 3 Units of Study

Gender and Sex

  • The difference between sex and gender and how the gendered brain influences thinking and behaviors in children and adults.
  • How to take a fresh look at theories of development and learning through the lens of sex and gender.
  • The interplay between sex and gender in children as a means to self-understanding.
  • Evaluating conflicting research on the gendered brain and living with and responding to not having all the answers.

Stereotypes and Bias

  • Implicit gender bias drives unconscious thoughts that influence speech, attitudes and behaviors. It is firmly established in children by the age of 6.
  • Ways to identify implicit biases and modify behaviors through direct and thoughtful adjustments to teaching.
  • The impact of intersectionality as it generates additional limitations on growth and opportunities in both childhood and adult life.

Culture and Curriculum

  • Gender messaging from family, school, and popular culture that provide expansive or limiting ideas about opportunities.
  • How specific modifications to school culture and curriculum can support self-efficacy and self-esteem.
  • Productive ways to engage students and families in literature evalution through a gendered lens.
  • How to organize teams on lesson updates and modifications.
  • Evaluating classroom and school culture as it relates to gender norms.
  • Lessons on gender equity for students.

Action Plan Development

  • How to develop a systematic approach to assessments and gender equity action plans for classrooms, schools and full districts.
  • Ways to use provided tools that help educators develop a personalized plan for their school and local community.
  • Methods for ongoing reflection and evaluation.
  • How to sustain a movement over time.
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